Our Services

Although we are a part of the Pest Control Industry, we at Ephlora Pest Solutions believe that we really are in the business of people. What we mean by that is that we want to help you and your family feel safe and enjoy one of the most sacred places on earth: your home. To achieve that, we created our Triple Barrier Protection Plan.


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Mulch & vegetation protection

Curb-to-curb service

Full yard granulation

Fire Ant mound treatment

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Perimeter power spray and weep hole treatment

Garage and entrance points protection

De-webbing of eaves & Wasp removal

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Full inside service

Baseboard treatment

Protection of wet areas 

(kitchen, bathrooms, laundry)



Our Triple Barrier Protection Plan is a proven pest defense method. The secret comes in the consistency of the plan. We offer Quarterly or Bimonthly programs. The initial service is a complete flush out, that is the biggest and most important one. We then come back for a 30-day follow up--the first regular service--to break the bugs’ egg cycle. Different seasons bring different bugs, so after that, it is maintenance and prevention, and the frequency of the services will depend on the program of your choice. We know that the implementation of our proved Triple Barrier Protection Plan will give you and your family peace of mind to enjoy and cherish your home.